HL Dipstick


DIPSTICK **New for 2019** New Narrower Stance Width
Sizes: 139cm, 143cm, 147cm

Full E-Core Park Board – Priced Right Series

Flexy and forgiving ride, the perfect serving for your cable & winch adventures.

Inspired by Hyperlite’s winch master Trever Maur, the Dipstick was created for first timers to the cable and those who abuse multiple boards in a season. The full wood E-Core will flex on rails and pop off the water with ease. With an ABS Tip & Tail Protector the Dipstick can take the hits dished out on the cable or while winching an urban setting. Our Sintered Enduro Base is the same quality Hyperlite’s entire Cable Collective is known for. Trever designed the tip and tail shape to increase ollie power and lock in on presses.


All Wood E-Core
Sintered Enduro Base
Tip & Tail ABS Protector
Continuous Rocker
Flat Base Profile
M6 Inserts

Fins: Finless
SHAPED By: Aaron

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Additional information

Weight 13 lbs
Dimensions 60 × 21 × 4 in
Board Size

139, 143, 147


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