HL Broadcast 5.4


Sizes: 4’8″ & 5’4″

Shaun Murray Certified – Perfect for the Family and any Wave.
Jump into the wakesurf lifestyle with the Broadcast.

The Broadcast shape provides great performance for any ability level. The Dual Concave base feature and new rocker line provide a fast responsive ride. It allows advanced riders to air out and generate speed for rotational tricks while beginner and intermediate riders can maintain the momentum and stay in the sweet spot of the curl. The Machined EVA deck pad provides maximum traction and is a feature usually reserved for the North Shore.


Swallow Tail Design
Dual Concave Base
Rolled Edge Profile
Molded EVA Traction Pad
Monocoque Construction
Layered Glass

Fins: 2 – 1.5 inch Fish 1 – 2.4 inch Fish
SHAPED By: Butch

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Additional information

Weight 19 lbs
Dimensions 69 × 24 × 5 in


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