125 State Jr


Size: 125cm

Asymmetrical Grom Deck

The only choice for your aspiring Wakeboarder. Shaped to advance youth skills.

Creating a shape to take riders skills to the next level was the goal behind the new State 2.0. Learning from other asymmetrical designs, we found that creating a shorter but more effective edge on a rider’s toe-side made hard to learn wake jumps that much easier. This is because there is less rail to initiate when applying toe-side pressure. Once set, the smoother toe-side transition is then held by the State 2.0’s thinner profile molded-in fin, creating less drag and a better release off the top of the wake. Subtle Toe-Side Footbed Risers were also added to help a rider create more leverage when pressure is applied. The longer, more traditional heel-side edge compliments this asymmetrical design by allowing the natural body position of a rider to generate stability and speed into the wake without a loss of pop due to reduced surface area. The State 2.0 has been tested and proven to be the best choice for a rider looking to master the foundations of wakeboarding.


Toe Side/ Heel Side Specific Edges
Longer Molded-in Toe Side Fin
Molded-in Toe Side Footbed Risers
Subtle 3-Stage Rocker
Monocoque Construction
Layered Glass
M6 Inserts

Fins: 4-Pack – .8in P-Wing
SHAPED By: Aaron

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Additional information

Weight 13 lbs
Dimensions 60 × 20 × 4 in


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