120 Murray Jr w/Formula 4-8


Size: 120cm

Shaun Murray Signature Grom Model

Shaun has spent countless hours teaching young rippers how to better their game, he designed this deck with the groms in mind and assures them a great ride!

Shaun’s 20th Anniversary Pro Model has been downsized for the groms and early testing indicates it’s the shape of the future for future wakeboard stars! The overall simplicity of the board makes it easy to ride and very user friendly. The variable edge design equates to a soft edge between the inserts and a sharp edge near the tip and tail, preventing face plants but holding a nice edge on approach to the wake. The subtle 3-stage rocker delivers quite a boost off any size wake and the board’s profile is razor thin so it’s lite in the air and easy on impacts. Make the right choice for your grom, you can’t go wrong with a Shaun Murray and Greg Nelson design.


All New Surface Area Sizing
Biolite 3 Core
Subtle 3-Stage Rocker
Variable Edge Design
Mellow Center Landing Spine
M6 Inserts
Monocoque Construction
Layered Glass

Fins: 4 – .8 P-Wing
SHAPED By: Greg Nelson Design

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 60 × 20 × 9 in


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